Wild Mango Restaurant and Bar

With a single-minded determination to make food more interesting, Jia Wei, owner and head chef at Wild Mango, has created excitement by blending diverse ingredients, artful presentation, and a
world of cooking styles to make Wild Mango a true original on the Cleveland restaurant scene.

Opened in 2000 as Weia Teia, as a sister restaurant to Weia Teia in Oberlin, the restaurant became Wild Mango in 2004. Why the name change? Maybe it was time to end the mystery of “What does ‘Weia Teia’ mean?” Maybe to infuse the restaurant with chef Jia Wei’s wild enthusiasm for food. Whatever the reason, the new name brought some exciting changes to the menu, adding more chicken and beef dishes and featuring original recipes drawn from every major Asian culture and born of the chef’s talent for improvisation and innovation.

What Kind of Restaurant Is This?
Some have tried to define Wild Mango’s culinary style as “Asian fusion,” but Jia Wei says the term only leads to “Asian confusion.” He prefers to think of Wild Mango as “multi-culturally influenced cuisine with an eclectic twist.” The extensive lunch and dinner menus offer many variations on Asian and Continental dishes, taking the fresh ingredients to new heights … sometimes literally! Entrees are designed to stimulate all of a diner’s senses, not just the appetite, and are “built” with detailed attention to simple yet elegant presentation. Jia Wei’s inventive artistic touch results in some of the most beautiful food you’ll ever see.

A popular gathering spot, Wild Mango’s newly renovated lounge serves 100 different types of martinis as well as a full complement of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. And, unlike
many other Asian restaurants, Wild Mango recognizes that a good meal is enhanced by a good wine. The comprehensive wine list includes more than 150 red, white, and sparkling varieties.

The main appeal of Wild Mango’s eclectic menu is the skillful blending of harmonious ingredients. Everything from Asian staples (such as jasmine rice, sesame, and hoisin sauce) to fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits (bok choy, asparagus, baby spinach, oyster mushrooms, and mango, of course!) is combined in new ways with chicken, beef, and seafood. Variety is the
catchword. And oh, the sweet potato fries!

Décor with Personality
Designed and built by Jia Wei, the interior décor reflects ultimate Sophistication. The theme is filled with multi-cultural influences such as east meets west and classic meets modern.
The interior of the restaurant was created with different ambiance in each dinning area allowing diners to choose from the different atmospheres to suit the occasion (i.e... romantic dinner, business meeting, or party gathering).
The foyer is presented as the restaurant’s focus point. Behind the main double-door entrance feature the 20-feet long dark-chocolate drapery accompanied with ancient Rome
columns leading eyes to the ceiling highlighted by 100 glass-blown flowers act as our accent lighting along with Asian flair red drum lighting. Behind the white French doors of the foyer awaits the second attraction: the modern Oriental-style rock water fall accompanied by the massive marble columns accentuate the hallway along with the unique wine cellars and large
plum blossom mural.

The main dining room can be accessed from both ends of the hallway. Four multifunctional dining rooms are divided by semi-private walls and draperies: the largest of the rooms is finished with extra large 7-tier colonial white crown molding accented with light cream wall paint. Three red Asian style drum lightings in the center of the ceiling set the mood for festivity.

Dark chocolate velvet seating and lacquered dark mahogany tables add sophistication to the place. The dividing wall is constructed with six openings adorned with distinctive vases and
inserted lacquered wooden drawers. The openings overlook luxurious extra large tall-backed booths. On the side there are two semi-private party rooms: one with a dark raspberry finish and
the other with a vanilla cream tone.
Pass the water feature in the hallway, the marble floor will lead into another dining room on the left hand side. The atmosphere embraces the impressions of coziness and romance. Each table is inserted into a recessed section of the wall with built-in soft velvet cushioned ceiling height booths. The walls are adorned with alternating chocolate and eggplant colored stripes.

Velvet curtains add an acoustic vibe and privacy to the booths. The same red drum lighting illuminates the fabric covered ceiling adding intimacy to the room.

Multiple curtains and private booths lead back into the front of the restaurant in our
private lounge and bar. The 20-foot high ceiling with draped down clouds is accented with circular red light openings that imitate the red drum lightings throughout the restaurant. The walls
are covered with large textured fabric panels. The windows are covered by 18-foot high ridged curtains. Four sheer golden curtains divide the couches along the walls of the lounge. An Asian female sculpture sets the mood behind the bar accentuated by the black marble of the wall.

362 Great Northern Mall, North Olmsted, OH, 44070, United States